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Price: $39.99

Item Number: i02124

Omniboard with 20M2 Picaxe Processor

Omniboard Controllers

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This is the basic board with 20M2 Processor and holes for mounting with screws.

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¨ Uses Picaxe 08M2, 14M2, or 20M2

¨ Processor mounts in a socket for easy removal

¨ 8 channels of  60V, 30A FET switching

¨ 8 channels of TTL input with pull-up resistors

¨ Includes 20M2 processor

¨ Power indicator light

¨ Stereo jack for programming

¨ Accepts 6-32VDC power

¨ Reverse polarity protected

¨ Direct access to output pinsElevation rotates 90 degrees

¨ Dimensions: 5.5 in X 3.9 in X 2.4 in

¨ Available DIN Rail mounting

¨ Screw terminals for direct connection to wired loads

This is a microcontroller pcb is designed to work with the Picaxe microcontrollers and allow easy interfacing to read inputs and control high current loads. This is particularly useful for automation and process control. The programming is simple with the Picaxe’s basic programming language. Here’s how it works:

¨ Download the programming utilities from Picaxe

¨ Connect power to the Omniboard

¨ Connect the your PC to the Omniboard via serial port or USB using Picaxe programming cable

¨ Write programs in basic and flash them to the Omniboard.

¨ Disconnect Omniboard from your PC and let it control things.  


Price: $54.99

Item Number: i03647

Omniboard with 20M2 Processor and DIN Rail Mounting System

This is the basic board with 20M2 Processor and DIN rail mounting system.

*Omniboard is a product of Invenscience LC. Picaxe is a product of Revolution Education.